Microphones Journey to The Arctic

Arctic ice
Arcitc Abandoned Boat
Microphones recording ice

Hydrophones dropped 15 meters beneath icebergs

Microphones in abandoned train

Omni mics inside old wooden boat

Mics inside locomotive remains

Recording the antiqua ship

The Antigua singing through the anchor chambers

Recording in old coal mine
Arctic Ice recordings

Old Coal Mine shaft

Microphones drilled into icebergs

Hydrophones drilled into iceberg

Arctic Iceberg
Making arctic ice recordings
Recording under the ice

Photo by Kate Puccia

Arctic ice soundscape
Arctic evening color
Arctic ice storm
Arctic snow day
Pyrmadain Russian town
DPAs on Antiqua Engine
Hydrophones dropped on ship

Karen has many plans for these recordings ....keep listening or contact me if you have some thoughts! Take a look at this video also: can you hear the arctic (2013) - a reflective documentary of my Arctic Circle Residency