Oct. 26th, 2011: Sonic Vigil 6: Triskel, Christchurch, Cork

Line up:

Ed Devane, Kevin Tuohy+Liam Slevin (IRL) Gunter Berkus (DE), The Quiet Club+Katie O’Looney (IRL/USA), John Godfrey (IRL), Jeff Weeter+Karen Power (USA/IRL), Mersk (IRL) , Anthony Kelly+David Stalling (IRL/DE), Andreas Bick (DE), Robin Parmar (CAN), Tom Lawrence (IRL), Harry Moore (IRL), Francis Heery (IRL), Merzouga  (DE) 

RTE NSO Horizons Poster Karen Power Concert

Jan. 10th 2012: RTE National Symphony Orchestra Featured Composer - Horizons 2012

Gavin Moloney - Conductor

MICHAEL ALCORN Synapse for orchestra and live electronics [8']
KAREN POWER one piece of chocolate per bar (world première) [10']
SCELSI Quattro Pezzi per Orchestra (Irish première) [16']
KAREN POWER no chaos: only organised panic for orchestra and live electronics (world première) [13']

Radio Interviews Here

Karen Power wins first prize in a US composition competition

Karen Power’s work, pink fluffy alarmetts still sound, was selected as the winning work by the Women Composers Festival of Hartford, USA composition competition. The work was chosen from among dozens of international entries by a blind jury and will be performed in March as part of the festival.

March 9th, 2012: Curiosity Cabinet Ensemble perform pink fluffy alarmetts still sound (2010)

Karen power Wins Ruth Anderson Prize

IAWM (International Alliance for Women in Music) announced the winners of its 2011 competition. Karen Power received the Ruth Anderson Prize, which will enable the creation of her quadraphonic sound installation work are you where you think you are to be created in 2012.

Sonic Vigil 6 Poster

Jan. 28th, 2012: Child of Tree - A Celebration of John Cage - Quiet Music Ensemble in association with Triskel, supported by RTE Lyric fm.

Karen Power to facilitate a children’s creative workshop for 6-9 year olds, which will allow children to explore and play with sound.

Nov. 21st, 2011: Carin Levine (DE) to premiere relocating elk by train (2011) in Hannover, Germany.

Feb. 10th, 2012 - the colourful digestive palette of slugs (2010) is to be performed by SCAW Duo at UK SABRe bass clarinet day

August 1st, 2011- Karen Power to perform at Kaleidoscope.

Karen will perform an improvised set with Laura Hyland

Kaleidoscope Poster Karen Power

July, 2011 - Reich Effect - On the Ledge

Karen Power will join Quiet Club for a live improvised set at Cork Opera House as part of Cork’s Steve Reich Festival

April 14th, 2012 - Karen Power Facilitating Creative Children’s Workshops - Triskel Christchurch, Cork

Array Music Centre, Toronto, Canada - May 1st - 28th, 2012 - Karen Power selected as one of four composers to participate in a month-long workshop at Array Music Centre

Listen/watch to resulting work: armed only with nuts (2012)

pink fluffy alarmetts still sound by Karen Power

Karen Power’s Recent News

NEWS: New Work for mise-en Ensemble - New York, USA - March 8th, 2013

NEWS: Commission for Andrew Zolinsky (Piano) for piano and Electronics - 2013 (supported by Arts Council Ireland.)

Karen Power Curates Culture Night Event: September 21st, 2012 - 2 ensembles, 6 live electronics sets, 49 Irish composers and an AV room...all in one old building in Temple Bar, Dublin....

Happening - Live At Our Place - Hosted by Contemporary Music Centre, Ireland

Arts Council Project Awards: Max le Cain and Karen Power Collaboration: a project focusing on sights and sounds we cannot hear/see -  Presented by Cork MidSummer Festival, 2013

Recent Radio Broadcasts on RTÉ Lyric fm: Nova Show - Presented by Bernard Clarke

August 19th, 2012 - fried rice, curried chip and a diet coke

August 2nd, 2012 - is it raining while you listen

Hibari Charity Project

Week 44 Karen Power’s old fashioned chocolate fondue fountain (2006) for violin harmonics and inside piano

Arts Council Music Bursary Awards: Karen Power has received a music bursary award to expand her field recording techniques into ultrasonic and subsonic sounds. Over the next 5 months Karen will work under the guidance of sound recordist Chris Watson. In Nov. 2012 Karen will create an installation as part of Sonic Vigil 7, which will exhibit some of this work.

2013 60X60 UK Mix + Athena Mix - Sandy Cockle Sandwiches

Composer in Residence: The Galway Music Residency is delighted to announce the appointment of Dr. Karen Power from Mallow, Co. Cork as its first ever Composer in Residence! As part of the role, Karen has also been commissioned to write a work for the resident ensemble – ConTempo String Quartet who will premiere the work at the organisation’s 10th Birthday Celebration Festival in February 2013.

Sonic Vigil 7: Nov. 24th, 2012 - Shandon Church, Cork - 6 hours of Sound

are you where you think you are (2012)

A quadraphonic sound installation with live laptop performance.

This work was commissioned by IAWM as the winner of The Ruth Anderson Prize. Preliminary research for this work was made possible through an Arts Council Bursary.

The work focuses on multiple soundscapes - both within and outside of our hearing threshold - from around the world and invites audiences

to wander through a unique sonic space, which is creating by fusing these different environments and encouraging each traveling sound to bleed onto

it’s neighbor.

Sonic Vigil 7 lineup includes: Quiet Club, Paul Hegarty, Quiet Music Ensemble playing 8 new works,  video projections, live sound improvisations by numerous high-profile artists.......

Sonic Vigil 7 Poster

SeeSound @ The Guesthouse Nov. 17th, 2012 - Corona International Film Festival

Located in Cork’s historic Shandon area, the Guesthouse will host its annual Seesound event, now in its fourth year. Seesound is a unique artist-led initiative that sets up an opportunity for sound artists and musicians to collaborate with moving image-makers in order to explore the effective relationship between sound and image and to create new works. This year Karen teams up with Jessica Jones for a live improvised sound and video performance

March 8th, 2013: New York Premier - Ensemble Mise-En - Tenri cultural Centre, Manhattan.

cold or hot bean slurper (2013) for 14-piece ensemble

Click here for an online review of this concert by Lucid Culture

Feb. 27th, 2013 - hearing leaves - Premier of New Commission by Karen Power to celebrate 10 YEARS of The Galway Music Residency - ConTempo String Quartet

Dec. 6th, 2012: Music4Children Launch with John Spillane: New Soundscape Composition by 4th Class Children with Composer Karen Power

Karen Power performing at Sonic Vigil 7

Sonic Vigil 7: Karen Power Performing with Quiet Club (Danny Mc Carthy + Mick O’ Shea.

Photo by Robin Palmer

Hilltown Performance with Quiet Club

July 2012: Hilltown New Music Festival

Photos by Doreen Kennedy

Left: karen power performing with Quiet Club in a cow shed

Hilltown with Toop, Quiet Club, John Godfrey

Right: Karen performing with John Godfrey, David Toop, Danny Mc Carthy and Mick O’ Shea on main ‘Barn’ stage

Karen Power appointed Research Affiliate at UCC, School of Music and Theatre Studies

Working on cold or hot bean slurper Karen Power
Gorging Limpet Karen Power
hearing leaves sample score Karen Power

GORGING LIMPET: First Glimpses of a Major New Project

New Music Dublin Festival - March 1-3rd, 2013

NCH, Dublin, Ireland.

Creative Labs: Call in and see the early stages of this film and sound collaborative project unfold.

Artists: Maximilian le Cain + Karen Power

Sonic Vigil vinyl LP Launch Concert

Sun 19th May, 3 - 4.45pm

Everyone is welcome

Cork Artists Collective, The Guesthouse and Farpoint Recordings are pleased to announce a launch event at the Lewis Glucksman Gallery for the new Sonic Vigil vinyl LP. There will be a special live performance featuring many of the artists who appear on the LP. These include The Quiet Club, John Godfrey, Karen Power, Anthony Kelly and David Stalling, Kevin Tuohy plus others

Irish composers selected to participate in the workshop this Sunday with composer James MacMillan and BBC Singers, 24 March, 12 - 3, KBR, NCH are Rhona Clarke, Anne Marie O'Farrell, Deirdre McKay and Karen Power. The workshop offers an interested public the opportunity to see composers and performers discussing and exploring the artistic and technical challenges in writing for voices.

Shape Me (2012) - by Karen Power (Photo taken by Marie Hanlon)

Sonic Vigil 6 CD
Sonic Vigil 6 CD Inside
BBC Singers Workshop Karen Power

hang on, I’m not ready for a pig yet (2012) - Commissioned by Claire Duff with funds form The Arts Council will be premiered on Wed. April 3rd @ Kaleidoscope, Dublin.

Click here for full Program

Kaleidoscope Poster

The Ark: Surprising Sounds in Technicolor (schools)

14 May - 31 May

Cork-based composer Karen Power loves to create sounds from unexpected sources using everyday objects, leaves, stones and other inspiration from the world around us.  These ‘found sounds’ have a resonance with the technique in film-making where everyday sound effects are added to enhance the quality of the soundtrack. Karen will guide classes in developing a deep curiosity and ability to listen to the creative musical potential hidden in all kinds of objects.

The Ark Composition Workshops for Children KPower
ConTempo Perform hearing leaves by Karen Power

New Commission hearing leaves by Karen Power celebrating 10th Birthday for ConTempo String Quartet - image of final rehearsal                                                 February 27th, 2013, Galway.

June 14th, 2013: Performance of David Toop’s FLAT / TIME Sounding @ The Glucksman Gallery, Cork with Danny Mc Carthy, Mick O’ Shea (aka Quiet Club), John Godfrey, David Toop, Ilse De Ziah, Roddy O’ Keefe and Jeff Weeter.

Image by Danny Mc Carthy: Karen on laptop and leaf and Danny on stringless banjo.

Glucksman Performance with Danny Mc Carthy

New Commission for Quator Bozzini: a new work for string quartet with digital audio playback and live electronics. The 14-minute creation uses collaboration as the main compositional tool. It combines traditional notation, electroacoustics, and live electronics, to create tiers of interactive, flexible material. The performance is thus conceived in real-time, extending the roles of both composer and performers.

This commission is funded by The Arts Council Ireland

Quator Bozzini
Gorging Limpet Space

Gorging Limpet - Cork MidSummer Festival June 27th - 29th 2013, 6pm, Marina Industrial Park, Cork.

Tickets: €7


Gorging Limpet is a site-specific performance installation by composer Karen Power and filmmaker Maximilian Le Cain. Within an empty post-industrial space, it uses sound, film and video to conjure a mysterious zone of elusive sounds and images that hint at a ghostly realm of submerged memory. The material of this vision is Cork itself, the decaying fabric of its forgotten corners and the perpetual whispering of its river.

NEWS: The Arctic Circle Autumn Art and Science Residency Expedition: Karen travels to The Arctic this Sept. to record beneath the ice for future compositions.

‘The Arctic Circle is a nexus where art intersects science, architecture, education, and activism - an incubator for thought and experimentation for artists and innovators who seek out and foster areas of collaboration to engage in the central issue of out time.’

Gorging limpet performance
New Music:: New Ireland CD
Gorging Limpet Performance images

CMC launches a new promotional CD and series on 20 June

The series, new music::new Ireland, aims to showcase some of the current work of Irish composers. Like CMC’s previous CD series, Contemporary Music from Ireland, new music::new Ireland inherits the range and generational representation of the earlier series, taking the listener on a journey into the vibrant world of new Irish music.

Featured composers include Linda Buckley, Seán Clancy, Roger Doyle, Stephen Gardner, Dave Flynn, Daniel Jacobson, Deirdre McKay, Karen Power, Benedict Schlepper-Connolly, Eric Sweeney, and Ian Wilson.

Karen Power’s relocating elk...by train for bass flute and tape is performed by Carin Levine

where lost weight is found draft score by KPower

Gorging Limpet in Dublin: August 22nd, 2013 - Temple Bar Gallery @ 8:30pm

Spectres of Memory - Experimental Film Evening

Maximilian Le Cain and composer Karen Power will present Gorging Limpet Materials, a collaborative performance that uses sound, film and video to conjure a mysterious zone of elusive sounds and images that hint at a ghostly realm of submerged memory. This is a specially prepared version of Gorging Limpet, a much larger scale performance/installation that took place in Cork this summer.


Culture Night 2013 - Karen Power Curates @ CMC (Irish Contemporary Music Centre, Ireland

Experience truly live compositions by Irish composers at Ireland’s Centre for Contemporary Music, curated by composer Karen Power, each piece of music unfolds throughout culture night culminating in live performances in the Centre and involving urban spaces around Temple Bar

Check back for updates on program

Snippet of last years event curated by Karen

where lost weight is found (2013) - Premier on Oct. 3rd, 2014

16’00’’ work commissioned by Andrew Zolinsky (with funds from the Irish Arts Council)  for Piano, Tape and live Electronics

Venue: Aula Maxima, Cork, Ireland

The Arctic Performance on Ice
The Arctic KPower recording

The Arctic Circle Residency - Recording the Arctic Ice, 2013

Pyramiden Documentaries by Marianna Williams (Video) and Karen Power (Sound)  - Click on links below to access videos

Introduction to the abandoned Russian Mining Settlement

A Journey through an abandoned swimming pool
Pyramiden Documentaries by Marianna Williams (Video) and Karen Power (Sound)  - Click on links below to access videos

Introduction to the abandoned Russian Mining Settlement

A Journey through an abandoned swimming pool
Pyramiden Documentaries by Marianna Williams (Video) and Karen Power (Sound)  - Click on links below to access videos

Introduction to the abandoned Russian Mining Settlement

A Journey through an abandoned swimming pool
Pyramiden Documentaries by Marianna Williams (Video) and Karen Power (Sound)  - Click on links below to access videos

Introduction to the abandoned Russian Mining Settlement

A Journey through an abandoned swimming pool
Pyramiden Documentaries by Marianna Williams (Video) and Karen Power (Sound)  - Click on links below to access videos

Introduction to the abandoned Russian Mining Settlement

A Journey through an abandoned swimming pool
Pyramiden Documentaries by Marianna Williams (Video) and Karen Power (Sound)  - Click on links below to access videos

Introduction to the abandoned Russian Mining Settlement

A Journey through an abandoned swimming pool
Pyramiden Documentaries by Marianna Williams (Video) and Karen Power (Sound)  - Click on links below to access videos

Introduction to the abandoned Russian Mining Settlement

A Journey through an abandoned swimming pool

SeeSound 2013: Karen Power and Michael Higgins Collaboration - Oct. 26th 2013

here comes antoher one score by Karen Power

Culture Night 2013 - Video Snippet by The CMC of Work-In-Progress Event curated by Karen Power @ The Contemporary Music Centre.


Gorging Limpet snippet of live performances in Cork and Dublin. A Karen Power and Max le Cain collaboration 2013


Promotion Video by The Contemporary Music Centre for New Music:: New Ireland Volume 1. Featured composers Ben Schlepper Connolly, Linda Buckley, Daniel Jacobson and Karen Power


The Galway Music Residency Autumn Tour with Hearing Leaves by Karen Power

10th Anniversary Commission for ConTempo + The Galway Music Residency

Click here to see promo

can you hear the arctic (2013) - a reflective documentary of my Arctic Circle Residency


Pyramiden Documentaries by Marianna Williams (Video) and Karen Power (Sound)  - Click on links below to access videos

Introduction to the abandoned Russian Mining Settlement

A Journey through an abandoned swimming pool

here comes another one (2011) revised 2014 - for solo instrument and live electronics with Roddy O’Keefe (Trombone)

2014 Performances:

Jan. 5th-Hugh Lane Gallery, Dublin - AIC Project Evolution

March 8th- National Concert Hall, New Music Dublin 1-on-1 series

Pyramiden Documentaries by Marianna Williams (Video) and Karen Power (Sound)  - Click on links below to access videos

Introduction to the abandoned Russian Mining Settlement

A Journey through an abandoned swimming pool

Photography and Sound Exhibition - National Glass Centre, UK

March 8th - April 27th 2014

CLICK HERE - Press SlideShow to hear see/hear a web version (both images and sound compressed and only stereo mix down of 6 channel work.)

New photographic work by Chris Blade, inspired by a residency in Svalbard, 10 degrees from the North Pole. Dr. Karen Power, who also took part in the residency has composed a multichannel soundscape (Arctic Language (2014), which is based on recordings from the same location. (Above image by Chris Blade)

April 26th, 2015 - @ Altes Finanzamt, Schönstedtstrasse 7, Neukölln, Berlin, Germany 8pm

Christopher Williams/Karen Power/Maria da Rocha/Stella Veloce

April 26th, 2015 - @ Altes Finanzamt, Schönstedtstrasse 7, Neukölln, Berlin, Germany 8pm

Christopher Williams/Karen Power/Maria da Rocha/Stella Veloce


Irish Times Article on Can you Hear the Arctic Reflective Documentary by Karen Power

Click image for arctic

Click here for video

hearSpace (2014)

hearSpace is a new interactive piece of radio art composed for and through Irish radio by Karen Power. On March 23rd at 9pm, RTÉ lyric fm will act as a live conduit, through which Karen Power will compose and perform a new composition for radio based on the idea of exploring the sounds of a particular time, place and memory. We want you to be part of this exciting new work.

Public call for hearSpace Sound Recordings - click here for details

Supported by a Music Bursary Award from the Arts Council Ireland

(Above photographs by John Godfrey)

Gorging Limpet returns in pint size @ New Music Dublin

Saturday March 8th performances @ 2:30pm + 6pm in Kevin Barry Room 1 (next to Kevin Barry Room) of National Concert Hall, Dublin.

Pyramiden Documentaries by Marianna Williams (Video) and Karen Power (Sound)  - Click on links below to access videos

Introduction to the abandoned Russian Mining Settlement

A Journey through an abandoned swimming poolhttp://vimeo.com/85475902http://vimeo.com/85475902http://vimeo.com/83799635http://vimeo.com/83799635shapeimage_3_link_0shapeimage_3_link_1shapeimage_3_link_2

Improvised soundscape performance by Karen Power @ Urban Soundscapes & Critical Citizenship, Limerick, Ireland on March 28th,2014.

SONIC VIGIL 8 - MAY 2ND - 4TH, 2014

Sonic Vigil 8 is a festival of improvised music, sound art and performance. The event takes place from 2–4 May in Cork and features a number of performances, screenings and talks over the 3 day period.

As part of the event the festival is currently looking for audio and video works. The deadline is 5pm, 24 April and all submission details and criteria are available to download here [pdf]


2nd - Talk ‘can you hear the arctic’ by Karen Power / Walk by Danny Mc Carthy / Performance by CAVE + Public Call

3nd - 6 hours of sonic performances

4th - RTE Lyric fm Nova feature on Sonic Vigil’s past and present

hearSpace (2014) - composed + Improvised Music for Radio, through Radio

hearSpace is a new interactive piece of radio art composed for and through Irish radio by Karen Power. Based on the idea of exploring the sounds of a particular time, place and memory, hearSpace was broadcast on March 23rd at 9pm, and we had a great reaction to the work. Thank you everybody who sent in the beautiful and evocative sound-recordings that made hearSpace so special.

Listen to hearSpace on the RTE Player

You can listen to hearSpace (2014) LIVE RADIO PERFORMANCE HERE!

On Friday May 30th at 6pm, Gorging Limpet presented a new half-hour work-in-progress at TDC, Triskel, followed by a question and answer session.


Gorging Limpet is an ongoing performance/installation project by composer Karen Power and experimental filmmaker Maximilian Le Cain. Using sound, film and video, Gorging Limpet events draw on post-industrial space to create an uncanny vision of a world that remains almost, but not quite, recognizable. A mysterious zone of elusive sounds and mysterious images that powerfully interact to immerse viewers in a ghostly realm of submerged memory.


“Karen Power and Max Le Cain conjured a hierarchy of post-industrial space; an assemblage of dissonance layered with images at once ordinary and transformative. Gorging Limpet presents a transitory landscape, casting light on simplicity whilst revealing a deeper narrative in the shadows.” (Nathaneal May, director of soundSCAPE Composition and Performance Exchange festival)


Gorging Limpet began with an elaborate site-specific performance at last year’s Cork Midsummer Festival. Since then, smaller-scale performances have taken place at Temple Bar Gallery, Dublin, and at the National Concert Hall as part of New Music Dublin. Over a week-long residency at the TDC, Gorging Limpet have been developing material for a new performance.


To view the Gorging Limpet promo video: http://vimeo.com/73418635


SV8 (Sonic Vigil 8) Performance by KPower May 3rd, 2014

Karen Power awarded a DAAD Artists-in-Berlin award - CLICK HERE FOR ARTICLE

Packing has begun....March 31st begins a year in Berlin.....

The award, one of the most renowned international programs for artists, will enable Karen Power to take up residency in Berlin during 2015/16 to complete a major body of new work.

Further information: www.berliner-kuenstlerprogramm.de

Karen Power has been awarded an Arts Council Bursary Award 2014 to explore cross-arts collaboration  with 4 international artists based in the US and Korea.

Over the coming months Karen will develop new work work with 4 fellow Arctic artists to explore how her music can be integrated with 4 diverse art-forms.

Merging Sound and Story with Marlene Nichols in The Ice Cream Desert

With Bursary Support form Cork County Council Karen explores her music in a theatrical context. Marlene Nichols is an LA based writer and actress. This new sound and story collaboration will be performed in the US in Nov. 2014

Sungpil Han (Video) + Karen Power (Composer) + Jinuk Baek (Technician) exhibit @ ARTFLASH, KIAF 2014

The largest Asian art market, Korea International Art Fair (KIAF) is hosted by Korea Galleries Association, and will be held at Seoul COEX Hall A&B on SEP 25th (THU) - SEP 29th (MON), 2014.

Return trip to Seoul supported by Irish/Korean Embassy

The Ice Cream Desert work-in-progress performance @ Stage Left Studios New York, Oct. 26th 2014

Cloud of Skin  - new feature film by Max le Cain. Featuring sound by Karen Power, 2015 Release


CMC hosts the launch of Karen Power’s new CD on 19 November

CD Release by Farpoint Recordings: is it raining while you listen is Karen’s 1st solo CD.


‘is it raining while you listen is a series of frozen sonic moments. It’s my first CD and the compositions date from 2007 right up to a field-recording based work written specially for the CD; forever ricefields. Some of them are electronic recordings and some involve exceptional performers from all over the world I’ve been lucky enough to collaborate with. I’ve also worked with artists from many other disciplines and to represent their voices in my work I’ve asked several of them to provide text, poetry, photographs and even the design of the CD cover right down to its texture. is it raining while you listen is a labour of love and could not have happened without the enthusiasm and dedication of Farpoint Recordings.’

deafening silence (2014) receives New York premier and a Dublin Performance @ ICC10 Festival.


Isabelle O’ Connell - piano - Tenri Cultural Centre, New York, USA.

David Adams - Piano - The Project Arts Centre, Dublin, Ireland.

deafening silence is simply about fusing an acoustic instrument, in this case the piano, with a series of cricket recordings from Australia, Japan, Crete, Laos, Cambodia, Italy and Canada.

RTÉ Lyric fm NOVA CD Feature with interview by Karen Power

Listen here: http://www.rte.ie/lyricfm/nova/ 

Lines in the Ice: Seeking the Northwest Passage - current exhibition by The British Library

(Nov. 2014 - April 2015)

Arctic Exhibition which features Karen’s beneath the ice field recordings


North of Myth Collaboration with Yukon artist Joyce Majiski

5.1 soundscape - inside the arctic ice + a series of performances/talks with Yukon musicians and artists. With thanks to Culture Ireland.

CD Reviews of is it raining while you listen (Farpoint Recordings):     BUY NOW

http://www.allaboutjazz.com/is-it-raining-while-you-listen-by-john-eyles.php - If Picasso had painted with music, his cubist version of a violin would probably have sounded just like this. A stunning start to the album.”

https://houseabovetheworld.wordpress.com/2015/01/31/karen-power-is-it-raining-while-you-listen/ - “This is a thing of beauty.....Rustling indistinct murmurs fade in and out, field recordings and tape manipulation entwining and vying for prominence with sparse instrumentation.”

http://journalofmusic.com/focus/boundaries-music - “her individual stylistic voice is one of the strongest and impactful, giving the listener a sense of performer-composer engagement that draws others in.” 

Listen At.... John Godfrey and Karen Power will be joining us from the rebel county for a rare Dublin performance of their exquisite Sound Art. 

Feb. 20th, 7pm, Wellington, Dublin.

An Evening with John Schaefer @ The Guesthouse, Cork - March 8th, 2015.

For the evening, The Quiet Club, John Godfrey and Karen Power will team up to form a unique improvising quartet, which combines the renowned ‘found and home-made instruments’ of Quiet Club, the shimmering sonic textures of digital guitarist, improvisor and composer John Godfrey (Crash Ensemble, QME) and the recorded soundscapes of Ireland and abroad, manipulated and transformed live by composer Karen Power.

The 9th annual SONIC VIGIL 

Ireland’s primary improvisation and sound art event

May 2nd, 2 pm - 8 pm, St. Anne’s Church, Shandon, Cork city Admission €5

with special guest Christina Kubisch

Cork’s unique, extraordinary, amazing, musical dreamland, SONIC VIGIL, is coming to town for the ninth successive year! Sonic Vigil features 20 outstanding free-improvisers, sound artists and field recordists from Ireland and abroad, coming together to spontaneously create an astonishing soundscape: ever changing sounds of kaleidoscopic beauty, teetering on a tantalising abyss of risk make for an immersive, mesmerising and exciting experience.

Sonic Vigil is supported by Cork City Council, Gruenrekorder and the Goethe Institute. 

Sonic Vigil 9 features Arif Ayab, David Bremner, Mikael Fernstrom, John Godfrey, Paul Hegarty, Anthony Kelly, Danny McCarthy, miXile, Harry Moore, Irene Murphy, Katie O’Looney, Mick O’Shea, Robin Parmar, Karen Power, Caroline Pugh, Nick Roth, David Stalling, Sean Taylor

May 28th, 2015 - Instruments of Ice (2015) - Work in Progress Premier - Quiet Music Ensemble - DAAD Gallery, Berlin

venue: daadgalerie , 10117 Berlin ,  Germany  - 8:00 pm

composer: Karen Power

work: Instruments of Ice (premiere)

performer(s): Karen Power (electronics), Quiet Music Ensemble.

note: Artistic dialogue between live musicians and the arctic. This performance is part of Karen Power’s DAAD Artists-in-Berlin residency 2015/16.


April 26th, 2015 - @ Altes Finanzamt, Schönstedtstrasse 7, Neukölln, Berlin, Germany 8pm

Christopher Williams/Karen Power/Maria da Rocha/Stella Veloce


The Noyes Museum of Art of Stockton University presents Frozen Earth: Images from the Arctic Circle from May 29, 2015 through January 10, 2016.

inside the arctic ice (2014) - 5.1 audio installation


May 24th, 2015 - Festival Pfingstwerkstatt for Neue Musik - 8:00 pm

venue: Schloss Rheinsberg, Rheinsberg, Germany

composer: Karen Power

work: squeeze birds to improve your garden’s plant variety

performer(s): Lower Saxony Youth Ensemble for New Music.

On WYNC - New Sounds - New Music from Ireland - Interview and tracks from Karen’s CD is it raining while you listen


This program also features Quiet Music Ensemble + The Guesthouse

High Arctic Link, 2015 Tom Snelgrove Video / Karen Power Music

Single-channel, HD video, 16:9 format, 5.1 or quad sound format

Time: 26:28

Excerpt: https://vimeo.com/119699049

Nov. 19th, 2015 - SARC, Belfast - Premier of loaded silence, a newly commissioned piece by Isabelle O’ Connell (Piano) for piano + ice

Supported by commissioning funds from the Arts Council

mikromusik - a festival of experimental music and sound art, Berlin, Germany featuring:

once below (2015) is a double quadraphonic sound installation with intermittent soloists, which focuses on time, place and our ever-changing contexts of hearing. The entire work is based on recordings made in a bunker underneath Gesundbrunnen Station, Berlin. Most of the sounds recorded are not audible to our naked ears. They are hidden and yet feel very real and present. These sounds themselves adhere to their own rhythm and time, in which we play little part. This work brings many aspects of Karen’s work together in a very special and unique venue; Kapelle der Versöhnung (Chapel of Reconciliation). Here, the two sound installations are naturally separated through the chapel dome offering audiences the opportunity to experience a creative manipulation of hidden and audible from this special world below. 4 soloists will ‘drop-by’ to perform a short composed piece in the outer space at numerous times throughout each day, which offers yet another context, another time, another space that changes how we hear everything. 

August 26th - Official opening @ 18:30

August 27th - 14:00 - 19:00

August 28th - 14:00 - 19:00

August 29th - 14:30 - 18:00

August 30th - 12:00 - 17:00

Kontake 2015 @ AdK, Berlin

Sept. 25 - 27, 2015

sounding water - a live quadraphonic guided-improvisation performance by Karen Power based on different states of fluidity of water

relocating elk ...by train performance @ SARC, Belfast on Nov. 5th, 2015

Carin Levine performs an exciting program of flute + electronics @ SARC. relocating elk... was written for Carin and appears on Karen’s new CD is it raining while you listen

forever ricefields (2014) @ Cafe OTO, London: Wednesday 5 August 2015, 8pm

Full of Noises Presents:

Workington and Beyond – Multi-channel Works by Brona Martin + Cathy Lane + Karen Power + Annie Mahtani


Erik Drescher -Glissando Flute

Michelle O’ Rourke - Voice

Johnny Chang - Viola

Rishin Singh - Trombone

Sounds of a Time + Place (2014) for String Quartet, Tape and Live Electronics, commissioned by Bozzini Quatour (with funds from The Irish Arts Council) will be Premiered in Cork, Ireland, Nov. 20th, 2015.

This work fuses soundscapes native of Cork + Montreal.

EMU Festival, Rome, Italy - Oct. 6th - 12th, 2015

Deafening Silence (2014) for piano + crickets

Deutschlandradio Kultur Features once below (2015) - a special radio-art version of the work, Sept. 4th, 2015.


(DAAD Photograph)

Upcoming Irish Premiers in Nov., 2015:

Nov. 5th - relocating elk…by train (2011) performance by Carin Levine @ SARC, Belfast - Lunchtime Concert in SARC - this piece features on my debut CD is it raining while you listen 

Nov. 7th - Cloud of Skin (2015) - experimental film premier by Maximilian le Cain with sound by me @ 60th Cork Film Festival

Nov. 19th - loaded silence (2015) - piano and ice premier by Isabelle O’ Connell @ SARC, Belfast. (Arts Council Commission Award, 2015)

Nov. 20th - sounds of time and place (2014) - string quartet, soundscapes and live electronics premier by Bozzini Quator @ UCC, Cork, Ireland - Lunchtime Concert Series (Arts Council Commission Award, 2013)

Nov. 21st - loaded silence (2015) - piano and ice - performance in Dublin, AIC (Details TBC)

Instruments of Ice (2015) - short promotion video NOW online: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dnjpIm7MdSk

Once Below (2015) - Promo Online @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J6H1K2cECfo

60th Cork Film Festival Screening the Premier of Cloud of Skin (2015)

A feature-length film by Maximilian le Cain with sound by Karen Power

Trailer here: https://vimeo.com/116666620

CTM Festival - Feb. 4th, 2016 - Pauline Oliveros, Mazen Kerbaj + Karen Power Perform @ CTM, Berlin


Ultraschall Festival - Jan 20th - 24th, 2016


Two world premiers:

veiled babble (2015) - for Ensemble Mosaik + River Spree

sonic cradle (2015) - for Barbara Luneburg, Arctic Ice + Photographs

Thomas Buckner Premiers quack moo sigh (2015) in California + @ Roulette, NY, USA.

March 5th, 2016 @ Four Seasons Arts Festival - http://fsarts.org/events/thomas-buckner-baritone/

May 5th, 2016 @ Interpretations @ Roulette - http://newmusicworld.org/event/interpretations-buckner/

(quack moo sigh is commissioned by Mutable Music)

Hugging the Walls - A Tribute to Terry Fox, 27.11.2015, 19:00, Akademie der Künste

A series of visual and musical performances in response to the life-work of Terry Fox

Karen Power performs life flow - a rehearing of ordinary sonic experiences

A Panel Discussion with Jiri Kovanda, Karen Power, Volker Straebel, Pierre Bal-Blanc - moderated by Claudia Wahjudi

Cloud of Skin to be performed @ Bilbao Film Festival - a collaboration between Max le Cain + Karen Power


Instruments of Ice (2015) - Irish Premier Performance by Quiet Music Ensemble @ Solstice Arts Centre, Navan. Feb. 18th 2016.

Sonic Vigilette: Half an’ Half @ Ausland, Feb. 26th 2016

Karen Power - field recordings + reimagined spaces

John Godfrey - Electric Guitar

Danny Mc Carthy - Found and Constructed Instruments

Mick O Shea - Found and Constructed Instruments

Irene Murphy - Sculpture Sounds

Katie O’ Looney - Percussion and found objects

Berlin Guests: Cathy Milliken (Oboe)+ Rishin Singh (Trombone)


Premier @ Unerhörte Musik Series: Berlin + Brandenburg March 8th + 9th, 2016

a delicious state of being (2016) for bass flute + tape (the magnetic force of the sea) - Carin Levine - Bass Flute


Sonar Quartett @ SinusTon Festival, Germany - New work for String Quartet + Soundscapes - Commissioned with funds from Arts Council Ireland 2016



  is this on? - June 19th, 2016

Karen Power / Quiet Music Ensemble

In 1927, Cork City Gaol hosted one of Ireland’s earliest radio broadcasts, the simple sound of cartwheels on cobbles. RTÉ lyric fm has commissioned is this on?, a new work for radio from renowned Irish composer Karen Power to mark the place of that first broadcast and to pay tribute to the profoundly significant contributions by women to Ireland’s turbulent history in the early twentieth century. It will be performed by Karen in concert along with works by Yoko Ono, John Godfrey and Cat Lamb played by the Quiet Music Ensemble, and broadcast live from 8pm on Nova with Bernard Clarke on RTÉ lyric fm.

LINK TO PROMO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xHZqOWTq7Ng

To Hear the Live Radio Broadcast:

In Ireland simply tune into RTÉ Lyric fm @ 8pm

Outside of Ireland go to: http://www.rte.ie/lyricfm/ and click on the listen live button. You will have to download RTÉ Player if you have not done so before. You can also catch the program after Sunday night using this stream.

June 5th - Starting with Birds......Ute Wassermann + Karen Power @ The Guesthouse, Shandon, Cork.

Sunday Lunch Series @ 3pm.

Menu: all manner of birds and their eggs

Ute Wassermann and Karen Power continue to develop a language vocal birdcall techniques and work with everyday sonic space

(This event is part of an ongoing development between Ute + Karen, which is made possible through an Arts Council Music Bursary Award 2016.)


Directions (part of a concert series by AIC)

listen | compose | perform

live improvisation and composition curated by composer Karen Power

3 June, 8pm 

12 Henrietta St, Dublin 1


An event that explores the edges of this composer/performer/listener roles and asks you to consider how and why we hear and listen to everything. Combines composed | partially improvised | fully improvised music, sounding the full spectrum of approaches and results.

Purchase tickets in advance on Eventbrite – https://aic-listencomposeperform.eventbrite.ie

BigCi Environmental Award 2016 winner is composer / sound artists Karen Power

Karen will spend the month of Jan. 2017 in residence

Oct. 24th - Argento Chamber Ensemble present armed only with nuts (2012) in New York, USA.

listen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dMFjtzpquzg

Oct. 28th - Sinus Ton Festival, Magdeburg, Germany - Sonar Quartett premier here not here (2016) - a sonar quartet commission with funds from Irish Arts Council.

                   Oct. 29th - Thomas Buckner (Baritone) performs quack moo sigh (2015) in Helsinki.

Oct. 31st - Hard Rain Soloist Ensemble begin tour with is it raining while you listen (2011)

FLUXUS: Kirkos Ensemble + Karen Power premier a new public space piece those are the dangers of round vegetables (2016) @ Heuston Station, Dublin.

  1. The Amazon Rainforest Field Recording Trip @ Los Amigos Research Station (funding from Arts Council Ireland)

  1. Quiet Music Ensemble perform Instruments of Ice (2015) @ Kilkenny Castle + Skibbereen Arts Festival

Composing the Island Festival, NCH, Dublin - Isabelle O’ Connell performs deafening silence  (2014) for piano + crickets

Nov. 10th - 12th - Tzara Ensemble tour sonic cradle (2015) in Switzerland

Listen here:


Sunday Lunch @ The Guesthouse: shaping water water shaping improvised performance with Joyce Majiski based around water. (Part of ongoing installation work for 2018)

Jan 3rd, 2017 - solo performance of sounding water (2015) @ Makeitupclub, Melbourne, Australia

(Image by Yunis Tmeizeh)

  1. Jan 29th - BigCi Residency (Environmental Award) Blue Mountains, Australia - shaped by place + time (2017) + performances

  1. 31st Jan- Cloud of Skin (2015) - feature length film/sound collaboration with experimental film artist Maximilian le Cain - Triskel Arts Centre, Cork, Ireland.

(Image extracted from film by Max le Cain)

  1. 16th - 19th Feb, 2017- TransX Symposium, Toronto, Canada - sounding water (2015)

  2. (Karen will also deliver a workshop on radio art + recording)

                                                    (Image by AdK Kontakt Festival, Sept, 2015 Performance)

  1. March 4th - New Music Dublin, Ireland - instruments of ice (2015) - performed by Quiet Music Ensemble - Saturday 4th March 2017 at 15.00, 16.00, 17.00 - alongside Oliveros, Ono + Lamb.

  1. March 30th, 2017 - deafening silence (2014) - piano + crickets - performed by Isabelle O’ Connell - SARC, Queen’s University Belfast.

      (Images by NCH, Composing the Island)

May 27th, 2017 - Dreamlives of Debris (2016) - collaboration with author Lance Olsen - Berlin, Germany - exhibited as part of There's No Place Like Time - by Lance + Andi Olsen - details tba……

July 1st, 2017 - allusion illusion delusion(2017) - new work for synthesizer + field recordings (performed by Power/Surberg)

UP TO THREE - Ensemble Mosaik 20th Anniversary Festival, Berlin, Germany

June 20th: The Granary Theatre - sounds like the amazon...(2017) - Work-In-Progress performances @ Midsummer Festival, Cork, Ireland - http://www.corkmidsummer.com/programme/event/sounds-like-the-amazon

This work-in-progress piece, which is based entirely on field recordings made by the composer in the Amazon Rainforest in July 2016, explores the possibilities of hearing and approaching the natural structures and harmonies of our world as an integral part of our own existence. (photos by John Godfrey)

NEW SOLO WORK: Wind Illusions (for Pauline) (2017) for glissando flute + quad tape (Wind) - composed for Erik Drescher

NEW SOLO WORK: outside voice inside (2017) - for Oboe + Quad Tape (The Amazon) - composed for Cathy Milliken

NEW BRASS QUARTET: sounds like... (2017) for brass quartet (2 horns, 2 trombones)

(+ private aural tape parts)

April 28th: Premiered @ ZeitRäume Basel - Biennale für neue Musik und Architektur by Samuel Stoll, Adrian Städeli, Horn, Stephen Menotti, Jon Roskilly, Posaune

Hidden Allure (2016) for quad tape (unheard Berlin Bunkers) diffused @ Sime 2017

Creative Ireland, Offaly artist in-residence, 2017 Pollinator Project

sonic pollinators (2017) - a living and interactive sound installation composed from field recordings of Ireland’s pollinators + musicians

A joint Heritage + Arts Project, Offaly County Council

SOLD OUT Performances of sounds like the amazon... @ CorkMidSummer Festival

sonic pollinators (2017) Performance Dates:

Sept. 22nd - Culture Night @ Birr Castle - 5-6pm - an in-progress solo performance and talk

Sept. 27th - Clara Bog Visitors Centre - an in-progress solo performance and talk

Oct. 17th - Tullamore Arts Centre

sonic pollinators premier

with Quiet Music Ensemble + Quad Tape


deafening silence (2014) @ National Sawdust, NY - Oct. 28th 2017 - Isabelle O’ Connell - piano + crickets


quack moo sigh (2015) for Thomas Buckner - Irish Premier - Cork - Nov. 2017 - DTF

for voice + tape

allusion illusion delusion(2017) - Irish Premier, Cork, Oct. 2017

for synthesizer + field recordings (performed by Power/Surberg)

SONIC VIGIL 10 @ St. Peter’s Church, Cork

Oct. 21st, 2pm - 8pm, 2017

Jan 16th, 2018: wind illusions (for Pauline) - for glissando flute + quadraphonic wind

Premiered by Erik Drescher @ BKA Theatre, Berlin.

Feb. 28th - March 3rd, 2019: New Music Dublin, NCH, Dublin

location location location (2018) - 8 channel sound installation with projections + moving sound choir

Constant sound installation with programmed sound choir performances

hearing leaves (2013) for string quartet is selected for ISCM, Beijing,

May 2018


Listen: http://youtu.be/EglUGkNaGB8

deafening silence (2014) for piano and crickets being performed by Isabelle O’ Connell in Tipperary + Paris in March

Oct. 22nd, 2018: sounds like the amazon  + outside voice inside @ Labor Sonor, Berlin.

Karen Power + Cathy Milliken (Oboe)

Nevada Desert Field Recording Trip: March 2018

April 26th - Gothenburg, Sweden.

Premier of machine chatter (2018) for Gageego + Share Music Ensembles plus tape (field recordings)

May 5th - loaded silence (2015) for prepared piano + Arctic Ice (tape)

Isabelle O ‘Connell - The Issue Room, New York.

SOUND SOUND DAY @ UCC - April 14th

Special Guest: Chris Watson

Talk + Irish premier performance of hidden allure (2016) quad diffusion by Karen Power


voices from hidden places (2018)

20/09/2018 + 21/09/2018, 20:00 Uhr - BAM! - Berliner Festival für aktuelles Musiktheater

Musiktheater / Oper / Klangkunst

Voices of Hidden Places | ensemble mosaik

BAM! - Berliner Festival für aktuelles Musiktheater

Ensemble Mosaik

Ute Wassermann, Stimme

Simon Strasser, Oboe

Roland Neffe, Schlagzeug

Mathis Mayr, Violoncello

Ernst Surberg, Synthesizer

Die Arktis und der Amazonas-Regenwald sind zwei der gegensätzlichsten Regionen der Welt. Karen Powers Field Recordings von dort sind Grundlage für die Musiktheaterinstallation, in der sich die Besucher auf Forschungsreise durch die Räume begeben.

sonic pollinators (2017) @ Birr Theatre, Ireland.

Quiet Music Ensemble perform sonic pollinators as part of Culture Night in Offaly.

for ensemble + quad pollinators

field recording in Garik Gunik Barlu National Park, Northern Australia - July 2018

Natural Creators - Early Years Composition/Improvisation program developed by Karen Power

April 17th + 18th - Music Town Festival - Our Tunes @ CMC, Dublin

June 14th + 15th - Cruinniú na nÓg (Creative Ireland) - Our Tunes @ CMC, Dublin

click here for videos and more on program

Nov. 9th: machine chatter (2018) - for mixed ensemble, ipads, objects and tape - Share Music Sweden

Föreställning – Konsert med Elefantöra och Gageego

9 november @ 11:00 - 12:00

HangOn AB, Industrivägen 7

Törestorp, Sweden.

Nov. 13th ANTLER (2018)

Moving Image by Atoosa Pour Hosseini, Sound by Karen Power.

Produced by Experimental Film Society & Funded by the Arts Council of Ireland.

Cork Film Festival, Gate Cinema, 1:45pm

Feb. 24th, 2019: here not here (2016)

Konzert der Konzertreihe "Ränder"

Villa Elisabeth 20 Uhr

Invalidenstraße 3

10115 Berlin

Nov 15th, 2019 -  collaborative sound + image project 'Kinetics in Blue' Solo exhibition by Atoosa pour Hosseini at The Lab Gallery, Dublin. 15th November 2018 - 6th January 2019


We are pleased to present a special live performance: a conversation between sound + image by Pour Hosseini and her collaborator Karen Power on the opening night.

Full exhibition also featuring ‘Kinetics’ film with sound by Karen Power

Funded by Project Award 2018 from the Arts Council of Ireland, and commissioned by The Lab Gallery Dublin City Council.

12 April, 8pm - Music Current Festival

...let the current take us...

@ Smock Alley Theatre, Dublin, Ireland

Retro Disco Trio based on Beara Peninsula waterway to Dursey Island.

Jan. 30th, 2019 - Reel Lives Concert Series, London

sound like the amazon...(2017)


by London College of Communication

Feb. 8th, 2019 @ Lund Contemporary Music Festival


Machine Chatter (2018) for Gageego, Share Music Ensemble, IPads + Tape

June 19/22, 2019 - Cork Midsummer Festival

INVITATION TO WANDER (2019) by Karen Power

An invitation to wander and explore four of the world’s most fascinating and remote environments: The Arctic, Amazon, Australian Outback and Deserts in a new multi-roomed composition created by Cork based-composer, Karen Power. Featuring a mixed media durational performance with musicians, Quiet Music Ensemble; vocalists, Ute Wassermann and Michelle O’Rourke; and Ireland’s first ever *Sound Choir, with imagery by John Godfrey.

Using specialised field recordings from some of the world’s most in-human environments, this performance explores the possibilities of how through hearing natural sound structures and harmonies we can potentially rediscover the evolutionary parallels between humans, nature and animals.

Just listen……..

*An innovational concept devised by Karen Power, a roaming body of voices who listen and respond to the sonic environments using a series of guided improvisations and composed musical phrases.

August 16/17, 2019 Chamber Music on Valentia Island Festival

deafening silence (2014) for piano + crickets


sound like the amazon... (2017) - multichannel installation


Where: Cork Centre for Architectural Education (entrance via Nano Nagle Place)

When: Wed 19 – Sat 22 June, 2019

Time: 7.30pm

Price: €15 / €12 conc


Online: corkmidsummer.com
By phone: 021-4215159
In person: Festival Box Office: 5 Cook Street (opens 8 June)

Field Recording in Living Namib Desert July2019

Oct. 12th - 24th, 2019 - Series of concerts in UK + Ireland

tree flute (2019) for baroque flute + trees

for Carla Rees

Oct. 12th - London

Oct. 16th - UK

Oct. 24th - SARC, Belfast

here not here (2016) for string quartet + quad tape

Sonar Quartett @ BKA Theatre, Berlin.

Sept.14,2019 Musikfestival Bern

...let the current take us...(2019) for trio, quad tape + video

Retro Disco Trio

Nov. 1st, 2019 Sound Plasma Festival, Berlin

wind illusions (for Pauline) for Glissando Flute + Quad Wind/tape

Oct. 31st, CSM, Cork ISSTA, 2019

Veiled Borders: electro-acoustic conduits into Deep Listening® spaces

Performers: Jane Rigler, John Godfrey, Karen Power and Thomas Ciufo - improvised performance

Feb. 9th, 2020 Eclat Festival, Germany

world premier

...where foreigners meet...(2020) for synthesizer trio + quad Nevada Plains

Dec. 12th, Queen’s University Belfast

Jane Rigler - Flutes

a delicious state of being (2016) for bass flute + water

Dec. 8th, UP2THREE @ Ackerstadt Palast, Berlin

can you hear me now????? (2019) for Ensemble Mosaik Trio + Quad Australian Outback

Featuring: Ernst Surberg (Synthesizer), Ute Wassermann (voice), Mathis Mayer (Cello) + Karen Power (live electronics)

Feb. 29th, March 4th + 7th - Berlin, Bremen, Cologne, Germany

...where foreigners meet...(2020) for synthesizer trio + quad Nevada Plains

29.02.2020, 8 p.m. Villa Elisabeth Berlin


04.03.2020, 8 p.m., Schwankhalle Bremen


07.03.2020, 8p.m., Alte Feuerwache Köln


Feb. 29, 2020 - May 31, 2020 - The Model, Sligo, Ireland.

no mans land (2020) - for voice + sea

Part of The Sea Around Us Exhibition

Feb 29th - opening premier for voice (Michelle O’ Rourke + quad live diffusion of the sea

Feb. 29th -May 31st - 8 channel sound installation

May 28th - closing premier for voice (Michelle O’ Rourke + quad live diffusion of the sea