Morning Ireland Interview on RTE Horizons Concert with Karen Power (hear a description of no chaos only organised panic (2011) for orchestra and live electronics)

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Karen Power Performing at Sonic Vigil 6

Interview with Luke Clancy (Culture File)

Description of my combination of acoustic and electroacoustic elements (one piece of chocolate per bar playing in background)

Compositional Aims

I am most interested in exploring sound, all sound. This exploration can be guided by an idea, a sound source, a situation, a space, a person or simply the wish to explore. Each stimulus results in a different kind of creative process and will involve different tools. Sometimes I will be in control of these things and sometimes I will not. My music, whether it be an orchestral work or a sound installation, strives to entice its listeners into new and comforting sound worlds, to simultaneously challenge and reward.

In 2009 I completed a PhD at the Sonic Arts Research Centre, Belfast. This extended period of formal study sought to draw from my experiences as an acoustic composer to discover commonalities and differences between using acoustic and electroacoustic materials in composition. My resulting portfolio combined many compositional approaches

Composer Karen Power